The BBC has responded to criticism over its Kate Middleton coverage

The Princess of Wales attends the official opening of The Glade of Light Memorial
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The Princess of Wales confirmed the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer last month, explaining that she was in the early stages of preventative chemotherapy. 

The rare televised health update came after months of speculation around her health, with the Princess of Wales’ absence from public life prompting worldwide concern, and subsequent conspiracy theories around her “disappearance”. 

And while the Princess of Wales did not reference the conspiracy theories directly in her video message, she did ask for "time, space and privacy" for the family while she completes her treatment.

The Princess of Wales reveals her cancer diagnosis in a televised broadcast

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This week, the BBC responded to concerns over its coverage of the Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis, with the broadcaster reportedly receiving complaints that it was “excessive and insensitive”.

“We broadcast in full the highly personal video message from the Princess of Wales, in which she spoke directly to the public about her cancer diagnosis," read the BBC's statement in response.

"Our coverage reflected the significance of this story and the outpouring of support for the princess from around the globe. We explained to our audience what was known about Catherine’s condition, but did not speculate on details that had not been made public.”

“Our reporting made clear that this is a difficult time for the princess and the rest of the royal family," the statement continued. "We have been mindful at all times to approach our coverage with sensitivity."

“While we have a responsibility to report on stories that are of interest to our audience, we appreciate that not everyone would have approved of the approach we took.”

The BBC's statement was published on their complaints page, with the broadcaster producing reports every fortnight of concerns that had logged more than 100 complaints.

We will continue to update this story. 

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