These are the only people allowed to spend time with the Queen during lockdown

Here’s everything to know…

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Here’s everything to know…

Coronavirus has changed life as we know it. And with the UK now on lockdown, extreme measures are being taken.

The UK government has issued precautionary guidelines to follow in order to control the outbreak, with even members of the royal family following suit.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are staying inside in their Canada home with baby Archie, while Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to stay in London, with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And Prince Charles, who has tested positive for coronavirus, has left their Clarence House London residence to spend the lockdown in Balmoral, Scotland.

The Queen has moved out of Buckingham Palace and into Windsor Castle, with even her family members unable to see her.

In fact, according to reports there are only a few people that are able to spend time with the Queen during lockdown.

Prince Philip is obviously able to spend time with his wife, self-isolating alongside her in Windsor Castle. But other than the Duke of Edinburgh, the only people able to see the Queen are staff - and only a select few.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen is being tended to be ‘a skeleton staff of just eight’ - the Queen’s closest aides, including Paul Whybrew and Angela Kelly, a housemaid, a chef, a footman and a personal advisor.

‘Obviously, the fewer people are in contact with each other, the better,’ a source explained via the Daily Mail. ‘No chances can be taken with the Queen’s safety in view of her and the Duke’s ages. But it’s also for the benefit of everyone who works at the Castle.’

The source continued: ‘Every firm has been told to send as many of their staff home as possible, and the Royal Family is no different....The Queen is being looked after by her closest servants, while a couple of grooms and stable lads are looking after the horses. Like everywhere else, normal life is being put on hold.’

Well, that’s that.

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