Prince William is ‘deeply frustrated’ at one upcoming storyline on The Crown

The Crown season five is not far away, with the highly anticipated 2022 return of the Netflix show set to be the most dramatic yet.

With a new cast coming onboard to reflect the passing of time and iconic first look photographs released by the week, the fifth season of The Crown is all anyone can talk about.

The role of Princess Diana in the fifth season is unsurprisingly making the most headlines, with the uncanny photographs of Elizabeth Debicki filming as her going viral.

It is an upcoming controversial storyline about the Princess of Wales that is making the most news however, with sources confirming that The Crown will recreate Princess Diana's infamous Panorama interview with Martin Bashir in season five.

Not only will the show reportedly recreate the iconic 1995 interview, it is though that The Crown will also cover the 'deceitful' way that it was obtained.

'It has all been written,' a source told The Telegraph. 'Scripts are already out there. Peter works very closely with the historical research team who spent weeks poring over the Panorama stuff.

'This was a year ago. The team were doing the most incredible research and they've got it all in there - the build-up to the interview, how Bashir effectively groomed the Princess, the interview itself and the aftermath are all factored in over more than one episode.'

This is something that has reportedly caused Prince William irritation, and although he hasn't spoken out about it himself, The Telegraph reported that the Duke of Cambridge is frustrated with the 'commercialisation' of the interview.

The Duke of Cambridge has not officially commented about The Crown's recreation of the interview.

Jenny Proudfoot
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