Prince William and Kate Middleton love emojis more than you do

Those Millennials!

Those Millennials!

The new generation of royals is a hit with the public for the simple reason that they are relatable.

Gone are the days where we would only see a royal waving from Buckingham Palace balcony. Now they are accessible, all over social media, from Princess Eugenie dominating Instagram with her behind the scenes royal snaps to the Queen and Prince Philip’s Twitter account.

The most popular royal social media accounts however are of course Kensington Royal and Sussex Royal, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently splitting from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on social media to create their own platform.

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But while the Fab Four focuses on different content, with Harry and Meghan opting for themed months whereas William and Kate focus on their family and official updates, the two accounts have a lot in common.

Namely, they are both true millennial accounts, using a lot of emojis.

But which couple seems to prefer emoticons? Kate and William, with their Kensington Royal handle regularly commenting emojis on other pages and of course organising their page into 'highlights', whether it's the baby emoji to symbolise Prince Louis' birth or the tennis ball emoji to refer to the Duke and Duchess' recent appearances at Wimbledon.

The Fab Four are also said to be in a WhatsApp group together so here's hoping they use just as many emojis in private as they do in public.

Royals - they’re just like us!

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