Americans get honest about everything they hate the UK for

We disagree, obviously

Olivia Colman and David Tennant in Broadchurch
Olivia Colman and David Tennant in Broadchurch
(Image credit: Rex)

We disagree, obviously

Us Brits have got a bit of an unofficial rule when it comes to our cousins across the pond: we get to complain about Americans as much as we like, and they have to talk about how quaint we are and go made for our accents. That's always been the deal. But apparently the people interviewed by missed that memo, because it turns out they've got a few (admittedly minor) complaints for us.

'What I don't get is why y'all can't have better food I mean Cornish pasties? Really?' says one woman, who clearly needs help if she can't see the pure unadulterated joy of a rich, meaty pasty with golden flaking pastry. Our food was under assault from all sides, with another commenter taking a swipe at Marmite, though to be fair a lot of Brits would agree with her! 'Can we talk about Marmite? It's not fit for human consumption.'

Also in trouble? Our wildlife: 'The foxes that scream at night.' replies another, who apparently grew up somewhere devoid of wild life.

Some of the commenters 'There's an area by canary warf. How does quay become key? How?"

Speaking of keys, one couple shared their frustration at the size of our door keys (yes, really.) "The keys are so big. Why are they so big?"

And then they went for our hygiene, which was a bit of a low blow. "Carpets in bathrooms. Just why? We're guys - after we've had a few pints, you know what's going to happen.' Okay, they might have a point on that one.

But before you get wound up, the good people of Reddit have also joined in, discussing what it is that they hate the most about the UK, and their answers Well they're much better.

‘The chavs. Although I don’t really hate them, as I’ve never seen them.But from everything I’ve read, they seem to be quite the assholes’.

'‘You have 15 actors. They are in everything. They aren’t bad or anything, but once you have a strong role in your head for a face, its hard to see them in a different role. Broadchurch for instance nearly drove me mad, it had everyone’.

‘Afternoon Tea at Harrods is a tad expensive’ ‘Your accents make the rest of us sound like hillbillies’ Yes, you're quite right. They do.

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