Do you apply your make up on the go?

Two-thirds of British women use the morning commute to apply their makeup

Red lipstick, news, Marie Claire
Red lipstick, news, Marie Claire

Two-thirds of British women use the morning commute to apply their makeup

With the average trip to work taking 45 minutes, it’s no wonder women are making the most of their morning commute to continue getting ready for the day.

A new study shows that 67 per cent of British women use that time to apply all of their makeup, with an extra 22 per cent just touching up lipstick or mascara while travelling.

‘It comes down to saving time in the mornings,’ says Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams. ‘With the UK’s commute now the longest in Europe, a full face of makeup is easily achievable between King’s Cross and Embankment.’

But time’s not the only factor in the commute spruce. It’s one thing to put on a coat of mascara when you’ve got plenty of workspace on the tube or bus, but a sweep of the eyelashes becomes a different battle during rush hour.

75 per cent of women reported an application mishap as a result of sudden traffic stops, and being jostled or crammed.

The study report lipstick’s the most applied product for women on the go, with blush and pressed powder coming in second.

Women say eyeliner is the most difficult cosmetic to apply on the go because of the necessary precision, while loose powders are the most deliberately avoided because of the potential mess.


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