Meghan Markle had high hopes to land major BBC job, suggests expert

Royal author claims Meghan wanted three things when she moved to England

Meghan Markle stands up for working mothers in emotional statement
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Royal author claims Meghan wanted three things when she moved to England

Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry have come under fire a lot in recent months.

The couple - who have son Archie and daughter Lilibet together - have been slammed as "insignificant", and have reportedly been given a cruel nickname from their neighbours.

But the tough criticism doesn't stop there, as the former Suits actress - who recently had her Netflix show cancelled - has been accused of dating the 37-year-old royal for fame, as she had her sights set on landing a big job on BBC One's hit dance competition Strictly Come Dancing, which other members of the royal family are huge fans of.

Author Tom Bower, who has recently penned the book Revenge based on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, told Christine Lampard on Lorraine: "She came to England looking for work, for fame, and also a boyfriend because she was always obsessed with finding an English boyfriend, and the man who introduced her to Strictly Come Dancing was a bit disappointed she didn't get the job.

"She wanted it. He wanted it, but it sort of didn't work out.

"But she came back to England anyway."

Tom went on to describe Meghan's relationship with the Windsors as "very toxic" and "poisonous", especially after the couple's tell all interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, which is said to have caused a lot of upset among the royal family, especially Prince William.

Tom continued: "I think they do their best, Prince Charles and The Queen, to keep it cool but it’s just impossible, especially with Harry’s memoir about to come out.

"Ever since Meghan left Britain and did the Oprah Winfrey interview it’s been really poisonous."

Tom's book is out now, and though snippets of the text being released ahead of its 21 release date, the author is confident Meghan will read the full copy.

He said: "Of course she'll read it, I'm sure she will, she can't resist."

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