picture of Meghan Markle's hair

Here’s why a confusing photo of Meghan Markle’s hair is going viral

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  • It's 2018's blue and black vs white and gold dress.

    Remember ‘the dress’ debate that divided the web back in 2016? You either saw a black and blue dress or a white and gold design. Well, it looks like friendships will be tested again because the internet is going crazy over this picture of Meghan Markle’s hair – or more precisely, the colour of it, with the photo showing blonde AND brown locks.

    Having a hard time picturing the Duchess of Sussex as a blonde? So did we until we saw the photograph, but don’t worry, it’s just a case of perception.

    picture of Meghan Markle's hair

    For the wedding of one of Harry’s best friends, the former Suits actress opted to let her dark brown hair down in loose waves.

    But as she gathered in front of the church with the other guests, she was photographed talking to a blonde friend, sporting a similar hairstyle – accidentally being captured in a photo as a blonde.

    That’s right. Someone managed to get a quick shot of Markle looking to her left and it’s in that picture that the duchess appears to have a half head of blonde hair.

    If you’re still confused, this photograph from a different angle might help you understand. The woman with the fuchsia pink diadem that was seen talking to the duchess earlier is standing behind Markle in the picture, and so the blonde lock that seems to be Meghan’s is actually hers.

    picture of Meghan Markle's hair

    Well, if there’s one thing this photo has shown us, it’s that Meghan would look stunning as a blonde.

    Nothing can beat the duchess’s natural brunette locks though!

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