Kate Moss opens up about daughter Lila Grace following in her model footsteps

The 13-year-old has already appeared in a number of fashion shoots with her famous mum

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

The 13-year-old has already appeared in a number of fashion shoots with her famous mum

Without a doubt, Kate Moss is one of the most iconic British models in history, and there's constant speculation as to whether her teenage daughter, Lila Grace, will follow in her mum's modelling footsteps.

But what does Kate herself have to say on the matter?

'She'll come to work with me because she thinks it's funny that we're working together, and she really shows me up in front of everyone. She enjoys that' she said, in a recent interview with The Globe and Mail. 'But who knows? She's only little. She's only 13.'

Kate also made a hilarious quip about why she doesn't do fashion shows these days: 'The last time I went to a fashion show, I asked for a glass of Champagne and they didn't have any! The nerve!' she joked.

In the interview, Kate also discussed the early years when she was first breaking into the modelling industry back in the nineties.

'I think I just felt really lucky that I wasn't in Croydon. So I thought that, if everything goes horribly wrong, I'm not losing anything. It was like, even if I don't end up working, I'm still having fun, and I'm doing something and I'm seeing the world! I wasn't massively ambitious but I did always want to do the best I could do' she said.

The supermodel, who is 42, also expressed her delight that she is still such a success: 'Every season, I'm like, "Who knows if I'm going to get another job?" But I've had a really good run.'

'And then people start calling me and I'm like, "Wow! I've still got it!" I'm always thinking, "My goodness, I got booked again!" So I am really happy to still be working.'

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