You'll never guess who went up on the Pyramid Stage before Katy Perry

The crowd went wild

The crowd went wild

The world may still be reeling from Katy Perry's colourful Glastonbury debut in her crystal catsuit and gold trainers (hey, why not?) but the real Glasto news hitting headings this morning aren't about Katy at all...

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Because Glasto goers noticed a recognisable face on their train and later serving them beer at the Solstice Bar...

Yes, it was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. And yes, #ForTheMany at #Glastonbury is trending.

The politician has been strong social media fodder of late, especially when the internet declared Jeremy Corbyn's son an Elijah Wood lookalike (lol.)

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Jeremy took to the main stage yesterday to talk about the environment, safer housing conditions and of course, Donald Trump.

'Do you know, politics is actually about everyday life?' Jeremy pondered with the Pyramid Stage audience before declaring that he wants 'a world of human rights, peace, justice and democracy all over the planet.'

'We need to challenge sexism in our society, and homophobia, and any form of discrimination that goes on.'

And, when speaking about refugees, Jeremy said: 'Let's support them in their hour of need and not see them as a threat and danger.'

"The elites got it wrong," he said. "The politics that got out of the box is not going back in that box".

Inspired by how many young voters got involved in this year's general election, Jeremy gave a uplifting speech to thousands of festival goers who had just finished dancing to Craig David. Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis invited Jeremy to appear, saying: 'At last we have a leader to put in place all the issues we've been campaigning for for 40 years.'

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