Is this Jennifer Lawrence's new boyfriend?

It certainly looks that way

jennifer lawrence dating

It certainly looks that way

Jennifer Lawrence is once again OFF the dating market (A.K.A Tinder).

Although the Oscar winning actress has yet to confirm the relationship, she was snapped on the streets of New York City earlier this week enjoying a romantic date with none other than Darren Aronofsky.

The couple were spotted strolling hand in hand on Wednesday, with onlookers reporting that the duo often stopped to steal a kiss here and there.

It is believed that Jennifer met the movie director on the set of an untitled project earlier this year and that the two hit it off straight away. Though that's hardly surprising, she is one of THE funniest women in Hollywood as these Jennifer Lawrence quotes prove.

Although the 47-year-old director isn't anything like JLaw's previous partners, who include Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and fellow X-Men co-star Nicholas Hault, the Silver Linings Playbook actress has previously stated that she doesn't really have a type when it comes to men.

'If I think about all of my boyfriends, they are all so incomparable,' she has said in past interviews. So who exactly is Jen's latest leading man?

Here's EVERYTHING we know about Darren Aronofsky so far

He was engaged to Rachel Weisz

jennifer lawrence dating ex 1

Darren began dating The Mummy actress back in 2001 and the two became engaged in 2005. In May 2006 the couple welcome their son, Henry Chance Aronofsky into the world and raised him together in Manhattan. Unfortunately the relationship didn't last, and in 2010 they announced their separation. The pair remain close friends and continue to raise their son together.

He was also engaged to Brandi-Ann Milbradt

jennifer lawrence dating ex 2

In 2012 Darren began dating the Canadian television producer. The two were later engaged but eventually split in 2015. We're beginning to the get the impression that Darren's type involves women who work in film. Maybe he'll put a ring on JLaw before long?

He received an Oscar nomination for Black Swan

jennifer lawrence dating black swan

In 2010 Darren earned his first Academy Award nomination having directed the must-see movie of the year, Black Swan. Darren has teamed up with Natalie Portman once again for upcoming biopic, Jackie. 

Jennifer Lawrence is actually a HUGE fan of his work

In a 2015 interview with EW JLaw practically fangirled over Darren's work: 'I had the same reaction to him that I did with David [O. Russell] when I first discovered David's films.' She said.

'I'm not joking. I watched all of his films repeatedly and I did the same thing with Darren. These are two directories in my life who I have spent an obsessive weekend with,' admitted Jen.

Darren and Jen already have a mutual friend

jennifer lawrence dating friend

As well as both working in the film industry AND receiving nominations for their work, it seems Darren and Jen have another thing in common. Yes, they're both extremely good friends with David O.Russell. Him and Darren have been long-time pals, whereas Jen met the director when the two worked together on Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Joy.

Seems like Jen has found her perfect match, congrats guys.