Jennifer Lawrence is about to take a long break from acting

Well - she's going to try

Well - she's going to try

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Jennifer Lawrence has been very busy over the last few years - she has starred in the X Men movies, the Hunger Games franchise, and most recently in Darren Aronofsky's terrifying and strange mother! It might look like she has all the time in the world to awkwardly hugging Emma Stone and try to fend off the paps who touch her dog, but she hasn't taken a break from work in years. Actual years.

But during an interview with the Today show, Jennifer told host Savannah Guthrie that she would finally be stepping back from acting for a while. And a big while.

'I'm taking one [a break]. I don't have anything set for two years,' she admitted.

'I don't know [what I'm going to do]. I don't know, start making pots? I think I'm just taking a little break. I'll see you in six months.'

Jennifer has famously spoken about how little she likes taking time off, but has recently labelled her intense worth ethic 'ridiculous. I was crazy. This [not working] is great.'

During the interview, the Passengers star also admitted that it has taken her a few years to get used to the lack of privacy that comes with fame.

'[People] feel so entitled to everything. You know, like when I'm getting photographed just like walking to Starbucks, I'm like why does anybody feel—why do you feel entitled to this?' she mused.

'[At first,] I was angry and resentful because I thought that I deserved the right to do what I love and to do my job, and then still have privacy. And then after a few years you're like, but that's not the way it is, it's just not.

'But it's important to just keep a separation and know that the people screaming outside of a premiere, they're screaming because of a job and because of a character. I don't go home like, 'Oh my god! Did you hear that, how much they love me?' So I don't put any stock in it.

'I'm grateful to them 'cause without fans and people going to see my movie, I wouldn't be able to do what I love.'

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