This Brand New Hogwarts Experience Will Make Your Valentine’s Day A Thousand Times Better

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  • But do we get to meet Hagrid?

    There were always a million and one reasons we wanted to get our Hogwarts letter: so we could find out what house we would be in (please not Slytherin, please not Slytherin, please not Slytherin), so we could apparate and therefore never have to take the tube again, and so we could fly a broomstick and shut people down with evil spells.

    But most of all, we just wanted to go to dinner in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Grand, bustling and with the most delicious food heaped on the tables, there was a sense of grandeur that our own school dinners could never hope to emulate.

    Well, we might not be able to get you that elusive Hogwarts letter, but the good news is that you can finally dine in the Great Hall – with your significant other, no less.

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    Warner Bros. Studio Tour London are hosting a romantic dinner on the set to celebrate Valentine’s day, with guests enjoying a three-course meal, followed by after-hours access to the Studio Tour, where you can visit Dumbledore’s office, the Gryffindor common room and the Weasleys’ kitchen.

    On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February, you can go along and revel in the glory of Hogwarts yourself (there’s no Hogwarts Express to take you there, sadly, but there is a coach) – and there’s no need to worry about bothersome Malfoy-like people sitting next to you and making fun of your NEWT grades, as each couple is seated on individual tables for two.

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    You can wander round Diagon Alley and even sample Butterbeer. Plus, you’ll even get your own wand at the end of the evening – and we’re hoping it’s hand-picked by Ollivander himself.

    We reckon this is definitely more romantic than the two-for-one vouchers at your local pasta restaurant, and you might even see a hippogriff (we’re making that up, but it totally could happen, right?).

    What a time to be a Muggle…

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