Stop everything! Here's what each heart emoji really means

This will change the face of love forever

Is your instagram making you jealous
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This will change the face of love forever...

You can tell a lot about someone from how they emoji, and FYI, we WILL stop texting you back if you use loads of the laughing with tears faces.

And what with love being a funny ol’ thing for us to express, our emotionally repressed British ways were given a little helping hand when the emoji keyboard gave us an array of hearts.

But what does each heart actually mean? Have we been sending the right ones all this time, or are we actually telling our dearly beloved we love them in the same way we do that cat which wanders into our flat sometimes?

Thankfully, Wired conducted an emoji heart study to find out what each one means, delving into the depths of Instagram to see which messages the various emoji hearts are communicating.

The blue heart 💙

This one can express a variety of interests. While it’s used to show support for Autism Awareness, love for water sports and to show solidarity for sports teams that wear blue, it’s also the heart of choice for people on Insta who are sharing their BDSM preferences. Um, niche.

The green heart 💚

Greeny is most commonly used around St. Patrick’s Day, and people who are into their organic vegetables keep the emoji alive throughout the year when they’re posting all their healthy food choices.

The yellow heart 💛

Mellow yellow just radiates pure love. It’s sunshine, flowers and total connection.

The purple heart 💜

This is the most glam heart and often used by fashionistas who are showing of their outfits and tag words like ‘sparkle’ and ‘shimmer’. It’s like the Mariah Carey of the heart emoji.

The pink starry heart 💖

This is commonly used by people who are after more follows, making it the Desperado of the heart emoji world.

The triple heart 💗

The three hearts overlaid is the go-to for ladies who are feeling body positive, and often comes alongside the tags #curvy and #peachy

Heart on the envelope 💌

Now this one is disappointing, as it’s mainly used for when people have made an in app purchase. Who said romance was dead?

Well there you have it.

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