These are the three most sent emojis to Donald Trump

We didn’t see that coming! #worldemojiday

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We didn’t see that coming! #worldemojiday

Donald Trump loves social media - no one is disputing that, but despite how active he is on the platforms, he uses surprisingly few emojis, instead leaving more room for his ridiculous Donald Trump quotes.

That’s not to say however that other social media users don’t use emojis when talking about him.

To mark World Emoji Day, Plusnet has done some digging with data analysts Pulsar to see which emoticons are most commonly directed at which celebrities - and unsurprisingly, Donald Trump came up.

According to their statistics, the most commonly used emoji when talking about or to Donald Trump was the aubergine (no prizes for guessing what people were alluding to there), alongside the eye roll icon and the pile of poo emoji.

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In fact, the president reportedly received 74% of all poo emojis, 61% of all aubergine emojis and 48% of all eye roll emojis.

In the last 6 months, Taylor was sent 10,340 snake emojis and Ricky Gervais received 78% of all angry faces - although they could be partly down to people agreeing with his raising awareness of animal cruelty.

Taylor Swift

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But the findings weren’t all negative, with some celebrities seeing an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Ariana Grande received some of the most emoji love this year, with the emoticons most sent to her being the pink love hearts and the musical note icons. In fact, the 25-year-old received 38% of all the heart emojis tracked in the study – more than any other celebrity.

Well there we have it - happy World Emoji Day.

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