Heading to the Edinburgh Fringe? The shows you need to see

So many shows, so little time

If you’re a theatre or a comedy fan, the Edinburgh Fringe is the highlight of the year. But with so much incredible comedy and drama to see, how are you supposed to know what to see? Here’s our pick of the best exciting new performances.

Best Laid Plans
What: Rachel Parris sings a collection of songs, stories and stand-up about not having it all. No house, husband, child, wage? No problem. It’s brutally honest, incredibly well observed and utterly brilliant.
Why: Because whatever your relationship status, Rachel’s music will inspire and move you. Hilarious and poignant in equal measure.
When: 3-28th of August at 18.50.
Where: Pleasance Dome
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What: Once upon a time Sara and best friend Kathy didn’’t need anyone else. After school, they were going to live together in a big house with a lava lamp. But now Sara is 24 and has a little person growing inside her. The story follows the intertwined stories of three girls thrust into womanhood.
Why: Sharp, clever new writing from young, raw talent.
When: 5th – 20th August, 22nd – 28th August, 4.45pm
Where: ZOO Southside
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Life according to Saki
What: It’s 1916. In the trenches of the Somme, a soldier tells stories. That soldier is Saki. Beginning with early misrule and school-age rebellion, his stories move on to the complexities of youth and adulthood, thwarted desire, charm and chaos, friendship and jealousy, and, finally, war.
Why: Creative, exciting staging with beautiful writing from noted children’s author Katherine Rundell.
When: 3rd – 29th August, 2.15pm
Where: C Venues
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It’s got to be perfect

What: Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla Georgina Francis is getting married to Conservative MP Simon Hamilton and it’s simply got to be perfect. It’s Got To Be Perfect is a high-energy, semi-improvised, interactive show in which anything can, and will happen. Georgina is on the verge of a wedding-related breakdown. Can the audience help her hold it together?
Why: Laugh out loud hilarious, and a particular joy for anyone who’s ever planned a wedding.
When: 6-16th August, 18-28th August, 15.55pm
Where: Voodoo Rooms
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The Fox and the Hound

What: A physical adaptation of Daniel P Mannix’s novel which uses puppetry and original music and song to tell the tale of man, dog and the ultimate obsession. Worth noting that it’s not a child friendly as the title might suggest , with themes throughout this piece which explore hunting, the fur industry and taxidermy.
Why: Exciting new theatre from young theatre makers, perfect if you’re interested in seeing something new and different.
When: 15-20th August, 11.25am
Where: Greenside
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What: Notflix is an entirely improvised comedy musical based around spoofing the algorithm used by Netflix in order to generate suggestions to viewers. The show takes this concept and uses audience suggestion of recently watched films to create a brand new, fully improvised, one-night-only film musical inspired by one audience member’s suggestion.
Why: High-octane, audience participatory comedy from some seriously funny women.
When: 3-29th August, 15.15.
Where: Gilded Balloon Teviot.
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Luke Kempner: Judi Dench broke my heart

What: Incredible impressionist Luke Kempner (star of The Only Way is Downton Abbey) performs a show about his star-studded quest to marry Judi Dench. Because why wouldn’t you?
Why: It’s hilarious and incredibly astute about acting and the industy.
When: 3-29th August, 19:00.
Where: Pleasance
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Spill: A Verbatim show about Sex
What: A show about sex. Why? Well ,according to the writers: because it’s at the start of everything, at the heart of everything. Because we’re taught that we shouldn’t be talking about it. That it should be hairless, monogamous, skinny, heterosexual… We spoke to people from different backgrounds, sexualities and experiences to give you an honest look at what sex is. We are putting your words in our mouths.
Why: A show that talks honestly about sex. What’s not to love?
When: 23rd – 29th August, 13:00.
Were: Pleasance courtyard.
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Lucie Pohl: Apohclaypse Now!
What: ‘Apohlcalypse Now!’, is a comedy of terrors about all the colossal disasters in Lucie’s past year, taking the audience on a roller coaster filled with bad decisions, a wedding, a break up, a broken heart, an affair with a motorcycle riding Turk who doesn’t speak English, dead rats and wake up calls from Stephen Baldwin.
Why: Her previous show, ‘Cry me a Liver’, had rave reviews and this year’s show promises to be just as hilariously honest.
When: 6th – 29th August, 5.30pm
Where: Gilded Balloon- Turret.
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Tiff Stevenson: Seven
What: Tiff’s show is inspired by an evening where she ended up hanging out with Josh Homme and Brody Dalle one month before the Battaclan attacks. In ‘Seven’ she explores the need to make huge worldwide impactful events about us. The show delves into morality, sin, virtue, machines, humanity, ethical top trumping, terror attacks & activism, charity, film reboots & clouds.
Why: Topical, timely and thought-provoking, Tiff has a great track record. Her last solo show ‘Mad Man’ was one of the best reviewed shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2015 receiving ten, 4 and 5 stars.
When: 6th – 28th August, 19.10
Where: Assembly George – Roxy upstairs.
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