French Woman’s Viral Campaign To Find Australian Father Of Her Unborn Baby Was A Hoax

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  • Natalie Amyot's claim that she fell pregnant in Queensland was all part of a marketing stunt

    A viral video launched by young woman from Paris to find an Australian man she had a one-night stand with turned out to be a hoax.

    The story went that Natalie Amyot met the Aussie on the last night of her three-month trip Down Under and she claimed it was “love at first sight”:

    “I met a really cute guy and, for me, it was love at first sight and we had a beautiful night.”

    She flew back to France the next day but alas lost her phone with his number on it. Six weeks later, she discovered she was pregnant and went back to Australia to try and track down the father of her unborn child.
    Only problem was she didn’t know anything about him – where he lived, where he worked, not even his name.
    Turns out the whole thing was a marketing scam created by Nigel Lucas, owner of a holiday company in Mooloolaba – the location of the fake insemination.

    Lucas created the video in an attempt to put the beach town on the map and didn’t mind ruffling a few feathers:

    “The benefits of how it will benefit the cafe owners and hoteliers will far outstrip any negatives the campaign will generate,” he told HuffPost Australia.

    “I understand, I do feel for them [people feeling upset]. But if it pushes forward [local businesses’] cause, then great.”

    Natalie’s impassioned plea went viral and was even picked up by a local news channel in Queensland.

    However, the alleged mum-to-be faced a lot of backlash on Facebook after some people called in to question whether or not her claim is genuine or some kind of hoax.
    Were you fooled by the video?

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