Free Kittens! Check Out The ‘Cat Library’ Changing What It Means To Own A Pet Forever

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  • Ever wished you could own a kitten for an hour or two, before returning it back to its original, safe, loving home? In New Mexico, you can do just that. Yep, it's time to embrace the 'cat library' (and campaign for one to hit the UK)

    In what might just be the world’s happiest, cutest, fuzziest news, a government office in New Mexico has created a ‘cat library’ for its employees – where they can borrow a kitten for a couple of hours during the working day, before returning it to its home when they’re all cuddled out.

    ‘I have a sign in-and-out sheet, and you just pull one off the shelf,’ explains Becky Garcia, who acts at the ‘kitten librarian’ – loaning out the cats to employees around the building for a whole afternoons at a time.

    The cats are from a local shelter, and live in a state-of-the-art enclosure located in the office lobby. And while employees admit that their productivity goes down when they have the kittens on their laps (/running across their keyboards), they believe their job satisfaction levels have never been higher.

    Unfortunately, as of yet there are no statistics on how many cups of coffee have been spilled by misplaced paws, but we’re willing to guess that it’s quite a lot.

    ‘It definitely relieves stress,’ says one employee, in an interview with America’s CBS News. ‘I mean, how could it not?’

    ‘It makes what could otherwise be a boring work day kinda fun,’ adds another, wisely, as we start a petition for Marie Claire to follow suit.

    But before you start worrying about the welfare of the kittens (don’t worry – we did too), government officials have revealed that the cat library has a cause that’s even more serious than just desperately wanting to reenact scenes from the Aristocats on their desks. They’re hoping that employees will bond with the homeless animals, and eventually take them home with them, too.

    And it seems to be working – in fact, CBS News reports that 100 kittens have been adopted from the library so far.

    Which sounds just purr-fect to us.

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