Meet the puffer jacket brand that is putting the sensible in street style

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    During these colder climes, street style goes one way or the other. You’ll either spot the super stylish dressing albeit somewhat practical or else they’ll go the other extreme and totter around sans socks as if they cannot feel the snowflakes hitting their toes.

    However, recently a sensible style seems to be ruling Instagram and there’s one puffer jacket brand that’s playing a huge part. Say hello to Ienki Ienki (pronounced “yenki yenki”) a Ukrainian brand who’s electric hued puffer jackets are blowing up the Internet.

    Eva Chen, Rocky Barnes, Veronika Heilbrunner and Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar have all posted pics of themselves in its parma violet option, Irene Kim and Tiffany Hsu have been snapped in postbox red versions whilst Kourntey Kardashian and Julianne Moore have both tried to go incognito in black.

    Created by Dima Ievenko who also owns the Kiev based concept shop, Asthik,  Ienki Ienki describes itself as a high quality outerwear brand. And whilst there may be many puffer jackets options, from highstreet to highend, what distingushes the Ukranian brand from the others is its focus on creating a distinct silhouette. Logo-less, there are five versions to choose from.

    The “Michelin” which judging by social media seems to be the most popular version, may have been inspired by the Michelin Man’s bodyshape, but on the body is actually extremely flattering, creating an exaggerated hour-glass shape. Another, the “Dunlop,” flares out at the top and/or bottom depending on how the wearer buttons it, also resulting in a nipped-in-waist effect.

    With 24 hues available, Ievenko has also recently added electric coloured foil versions to the collection too.

    Click here to shop the full collection now.

    And with average temperatures hitting -12 degrees in Ukraine, this brand also knows what its talking about when it comes to keeping you warm. Chic and cosy, it’s the fashion equivalent of taking a duvet day.

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