What we learnt at Glastonbury

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  • We all know that festivals are a hotbead of happening fashion moments, here, despite lack of sleep and a nasty case of coprophobia (fear of toilets - need you ask why?), we bring you our top style tips from this year's Glasto

    We all know that festivals are a hotbead of happening fashion moments, here, despite lack of sleep and a nasty case of coprophobia (fear of toilets – need you ask why?), our on-the-ground reporter, Gill Sutherland, brings you her top style tips from this year’s Glastonbury.


    G is for Gangsta
    Since Jay-Z turned the Glasto crowd onto the delights of hip-hop during his legendary 2008 set, the hippy hordes are nuts for a bit of gang culture. Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Friday afternoon slot had us all throwing goofy gang-type hand signs (join middle and ring finger, tuck in thumb and wave – welcome to the West Coast possee, sista). We especially love his huge blingin’ gold mic, with his name dazzling in diamante. Nuff respect.
    L is for Laydeez
    Florence in her on-trend white gothic swan-alike number; La Roux’s heat-defying quiff and discotastic gold blazer; Kate Nash with her gorge monochrome batwing dress and angry black lipstick… the girls of Glastonbury rocked and, most importantly, looked the business. Bravo, laydeez!
    A is for Aphro
    Or rather Beer Aphro, our fave zany headgear spot: dude with a dozen cold beer cans strapped to his head with gaffa tape – now that’s keeping a cool head.
    S is for Sleb-spotting
    Oh, you know the usual suspects: Sienna Miller (in micro shorts and fluffy hippy scarf uniform), Kelly Osborne and Pixie Geldof (loitering together looking perfectly petulant), Kate Moss and fella Jamie (looking suitably skuzzy). The biggest buzz was around the spotting of Emma Watson, though – everyone loves a goody-goody going a wee bit baddy at a festival (not that she did literally, thanks libel lawyers!)
    T is for Tan
    A weird phenomena caused by the weather was the ‘instant tan’ – where the desert-alike conditions caused reddish coloured dust to stick to your sweaty bits, giving you a ‘healthy glow’. Well, that was the theory.
    O is for Ohmigoditshot
    The 30º+ heat caused this to be the ‘in’ phrase of the festival.
    N is Naughty
    The searing heat caused many to sport the underwear-as-outerwear look – not least Glastonbury virgin Kylie who sported a daring see-through lace leotard and mirrored kinky boot ensemble during her guest spot with pervy popsters the Sciossor Sisters; and Emma Watson, in her Louis Vuitton basque – the saucy minxes!
    B is for Bowler
    The trilby, despite being available in an array of funky fabrics and patterns throughout Glasto-land, is soo last year – anyone not wanting to look like a saddo Pete Doherty alike, was opting for the upcoming bowler (including us, naturally).
    U is for Undead
    Although the Michael Jackson in Thriller T-shirt was still selling well a year after the pop legend’s death – our fave new slogan tee was our ‘A Zombie Ate My Eyeballs’ number. Very off-the-wall, dontcha know.
    R is for Retail

    OK, so there’s many that moan on about Glasto’s increasingly materialist status – but have you seen the number of stalls? We are in shopping nirvana, man! Gimme, gimme! (Our must-have was the popular faux floral laurel – very Grecian goddess all for a mere fiver.)
    Y is for Yucky
    Look, we festi veterans have long cautioned against the wearing of the maxidress on-site. Now look at that trailing hem – altogether now, ‘YUCK!’

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