Diane von Furstenberg talks wrap dresses, life lessons and conceiving Anne Hathaway

The iconic designer was speaking at the new What She Said series of talks

DVF Mary Katrantzou
DVF Mary Katrantzou

The iconic designer was speaking at the new What She Said series of talks

This week saw the launch of the W Hotel’s What She Said – a series of talks aimed at inspiring, educating and empowering women. And the very first event, with legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg in conversation with Mary Katrantzou, certainly met the brief. 

Guests were treated to much talk about business, apparel and how to be altogether fabulous and inspiring, alongside Diane’s revelation that Anne Hathaway was conceived in a wrap dress. More about that later.

While the one-time Princess, inventor of the iconic wrap dress and President of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) discussed everything from feminism to Anne Hathaway’s conception at the discussion, LFW favourite Mary talked all things fashion and business, “One of the strengths of being a creative is you are so curious… It's your baby. You get to understand the business along the way because you must.” 

She also touched on the hot topic of where the industry is headed, “You can feel change. You see a shift in how people buy. How loyal or disloyal they are. Even in the magazines it's so disparate. I don't know how it's going to change but I know it's going to change.” 

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But Diane stole the show, with her rather amazing Anne Hathaway anecdote; “My name is always associated with the wrap dress. For years I said, I’ve done other things but then I reconciled it and said ok I am the wrap dress. I am the original wrapper.” 

Her most extraordinary wrap dress story? Oh you know, the one where “Anne Hathaway was conceived in one.”

On top of these amazing and at times hilarious insights, Diane confirmed her status as a fashion world legend by sharing these four life-defining and wonderfully empowering quotes: 

1. “Everything is about an attitude. The first thing you decide is the shoes. If you go out with your girlfriends then it’s cowboy boots. With a man high heels. What woman are you going to be then. It's not necessarily always the same woman.” 

2. “My mission is to give women more confidence.” 

3. “I found my independence and my confidence and my freedom through one little dress. I was selling that confidence to other women.”

4. “I'm a survivor. My mother was a survivor and therefore I was born with that umph. I'll find something positive in everything.” 

So in summary, DVF = life goals. 

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