Dame Vivienne Westwood Has Designed T-Shirts In Support Of Junior Doctors

Check them out here...

Vivienne Westwood Junior Doctors NHS T-shirts
Vivienne Westwood Junior Doctors NHS T-shirts

Check them out here...

We all know Dame Vivienne Westwood as a fashion extraordinaire and designer icon - and despite the legend's undoubtedly mad schedule, she has once again showed her humanitarian values, taking on the task of designing a T-shirt in support of junior doctors in the face of the government cuts. 

The campaign, called Wear Your NHS, addresses the fact that we have all been, or are, or will be, patients of the NHS one day - and fights against the governments' planned contract, which will significantly add to the workload of junior doctors.

Dame Vivienne was asked to design the T-shirt by junior doctor Lauren Gavaghan, and was more than happy to oblige, saying the government's proposed changes would 'wreck' the NHS.

'You asked me to design a T-shirt in support of junior doctors in their fight against the government, in their opposition to government policy - which is, in my words, because I'm very straightforward, you see, to wreck the Health Service, actually,' Dame Vivienne said.

'I'm very pleased with this T-shirt,' she added. 'It's a heart and you doctors are dealing with matters of life and death, every day, blood, and that's what we need, our blood. 

'We don't want to suddenly find ourselves blown to the ground with a leg missing and an arm shattered - we live in a most horrible dangerous world for which I actually lay at the blame at the doors of the politicians - because our whole economy is a war economy - and it's based on that and we don't have human values any more.

'What we urgently need is a green economy; the old one is going to kill us. The T-shirt does say on it "we have no choice between a green economy and mass extinction". 

'I specifically don't want the health service demolished and sold off into to private hands, which we all know is totally inefficient - because it's not dedicated people or anything that are going to be doing it - it's all about profit. 

'I love this T-shirt. And I like the fact that it's black and that it's like a skull and crossbones sort of feeling to it, and that it's about fighting, because we absolutely have to, you know, what can we do, get down on our knees.

'I support junior doctors. I support the right to life.'

Watch Dame Vivienne talking about the campaign, below...

You can buy a T-shirt here, with all proceeds going towards the Junior Doctors campaign, as well as medical charitable organisations.

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