Vivienne Westwood goes back to school

Jo Wood and Daisy Lowe lead Vivienne Westwood's band of sexy schoolgirls

Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood

Jo Wood and Daisy Lowe lead Vivienne Westwood's band of sexy schoolgirls

You can always rely on Vivienne Westwood to go one step further than her fellow London designers.

While others may have celebrities beaming straight from the front rows, for Westwood they're not only packing out her audience, but they're on the catwalk, too.

Last season, everyone was talking about Alexa Chung taking to the runway, but last night was all about Jo Wood, playing the sexy headmistress to Westwood's band of St Trinians-inspired schoolgirls.

Sticking a proverbial two fingers up to ex-husband Ronnie, Jo took to the runway in a series of looks, including a three-piece trouser suit and red robe and a form-fitting gold frock.

She was joined by Brit It-model Daisy Lowe, in her first London Fashion Week modelling gig of the week, and socialite Alice Dellal.

And the school theme just came on coming. Westwood was inspired by every aspect of the classroom, from thermal long Johns, perfect for team sports during the chilly English weather, to full uniforms, with matching striped skirts and blazers adorned with crests.

All the classic Westwood nods were also in place. Tartan, knitted jumper dresses and pirate-style boots all made an obligatory appearance, yet like the grand Dame herself, managed to look fresh for yet another season. 

As for the front row, and Westwood drew the day's starriest, if eclectic, crowd, with everyone from Jo's daughter, Leah, to Kanye West, Jaime Winstone, Nicola Roberts, and Lily Cole.

Taking to the catwalk at the show's culmination, the designer joined her merry band of schoolgirls, and ran down the runway to take her bow, looking more like a sixth-former than a sixty-something. Vivienne, we salute you!



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