Stella McCartney’s ‘Mighty’ strange party

The Brit designer celebrated the switching-on of the Christmas lights at her Bruton Street boutique with a bizarre performance from the Mighty Boosh gang

Stella McCartney yesterday invited Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and the rest of the crew from cult show The Mighty Boosh to come and entertain guests at the annual Christmas party held in her London boutique.

And, of course, they all decided to arrive dressed as old grey-haired ladies

Every year Stella throws a decidedly alternative soiree to celebrate the switching-on of the Christmas lights at her Bruton Street store – last year saw Peter Kay dressed as his on-screen counterpart Geraldine Granger – and thanks to the Boosh boys, 2009 was no exception.

Comedians Noel and Julian pranced around in front of the twinkling Christmas lights and performed a couple of songs for the rest of the guests, all the while dressed up as grannies from the ‘Nanagedden‘ episode of their popular TV series.

The Mighty Boosh - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

But while the boys were playing dress-up, Stella was as chic as ever, showcasing pieces from her own collection in the form of some lace-panel leggings and a structured satin blazer.

Other guests at the festive bash included close friend Twiggy, her sister Mary McCartney, Jools Holland and cute couple Jamie and Louise Redknapp.

Stella McCartney and Twiggy - Celebrity News - Marie Claire 

Jamie & Louise Redknapp - Celebrity News - Marie Claire


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