Stella McCartney posts first ever profit

Stella McCartney reports companies first ever profit

STELLA MCCARTNEY MAY be viewed as one of Britain’s most successful fashion designers, but her company has only just started to make a profit, figures have revealed.

Yesterday, Stella McCartney Ltd reported profits of £180,678 over 2006, a huge improvement on the £1.2 million losses recorded the previous year.

Figures showed that profit from the London store jumped by 50% last year, and include Stella’s various other ventures, including fragrance, skincare and her collaboration with Adidas.

Stella owns 50% of her company, with the other 50% belonging to the Gucci group. Speaking to WWD, Robert Polet president of the Gucci groups commented, ‘This achievement is an important pillar for the brand and for our group as a whole, and it has been reached one year ahead of schedule.’

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