Sienna Miller gets Anna Wintour bashing in Vogue film

Sienna Miller 'too toothy' for Vogue says Anna Wintour

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, Celebrity Pictures, Marie Claire
Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, Celebrity Pictures, Marie Claire

Sienna Miller 'too toothy' for Vogue says Anna Wintour

Looks like Sienna Miller won't be gracing the cover of US Vogue again any time soon.

The actress is the subject of a bashing courtesy of Anna Wintour and her team, caught on camera for a new fly-on-the-wall documentary entitled, The September Issue, that follows the magazine.

Wintour complains that the Brit actress is 'too toothy' during the footage, while the rest of her team despair of the images shot by Mario Testino, complaining that Miller has too many fillings and 'unruly hair.'

The team is eventually reduced to superimposing Miller's head from one image onto her body from another.

A viewer, who saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival, told news website The List: 'It must be awful for Sienna to see. Anna keeps complaining... and the other staff are worried she has too many fillings. The editors hint at Sienna to cut her hair and she ignores them, which worried them even more.'

But Vogue has been quick to defend the footage. The magazine released a statement with nothing but praise for the actress, saying, 'While some retouching is a fact for any cover, no one is more convinced of Ms Miller's beauty than Vogue. The fact she appeared on the magazine's September cover, our most important issue of the year, is a testimony to this truth.'

Word from Sienna's camp was also defensive; her publicist Leslie Sloan added, 'Sienna Miller is the first person to admit that her photos are always retouched – no one is ever that perfect.'


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