This is where you shop when you're a supermodel

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British model and designer Leomie Anderson knows a thing or two about fashion, having walked the runway for brands such as Chloé, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs to name just a few. She has also just gained her Angel wings with Victoria's Secret, having first joined them in 2015.

So where does a model shop to stay stylish, and what is it like being an honorary Angel? We caught up with her when she came back to London to promote the new Incredible Bra.

How has being a Victoria’s Secret Angel changed over the past few years?

I think there’s a lot more transparency now because of social media, people really want to get to know who models are. So I think being a Victoria’s Secret Angel now is really about being able to communicate with our audience, being able to express who we are to our followers and fans and to be true to ourselves. I love it because I’m now able to connect with people in a much more honest way so I’m really loving this angel world; being able to speak to young girls on a much deeper level.

What was your reaction when you found out you got the gig?

When I found out I was going to become an Angel I remember I just kept asking “What do you mean?! What do you mean?!” It just felt so fake, I had to pinch myself... it felt like such a dream and even a month later it still does.

Did any of the Angels, past or present, give you advice?

Lots of them! They told me just to enjoy it... be myself and enjoy the ride. It’s such a whirlwind, once in a lifetime journey and don’t take it too seriously.

Where do you shop for clothes?

When it comes to clothes shopping I love buying vintage. It’s better for the environment and you can find so many unique pieces. I’m down to go to a charity shop or a vintage store, I shop online on eBay or on Vestiaire and take the time. It requires some patience but it’s worth it when you end up with something so unique.

What’s your biggest fashion regret?

There are too many regrets to even name! But if I have to pick one... probably just that whole phase of when everyone was just wearing black leggings. I think I had a pair that were sheer but I didn’t know that they were sheer for a long time... I wish someone had told me! That must be one of my biggest fashion regrets.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about models?

I think that people assume models in general don’t have their own thoughts and opinions. They think that models are dumb or vapid but the VS girls- we talk about so many different things. We have so many different opinions, there are women who are mums, girls with degrees! People think that we’re just one dimensional but really we’re so multi-faceted so I guess that’s one of the biggest misconceptions.

Who’s your biggest fashion crush?

Yara Shahidi because she’s from Black-ish (a popular American sitcom) and she’s young but really experiments with her style. Also Zendaya, because she wears so many great looks... everyone loved her Met Gala look! She looked incredible, although I’d have to say my favourite Met Gala look was Lady Gaga, four looks on the red carpet... that’s as extra as you can get!

If you were to only buy one bra, what would it be?

I love the incredible bra. It has sides smoothing technology, so when you’re wearing your body con dress you don’t have to worry about any sort of inconsistencies in your look. And you can change your bra to be ballerina straps (cross over at the back), so it basically means you have two bras in one. It's also super comfortable, everyone hates when they have a wire that’s digging into them so this is the perfect bra if you want comfort, support, and an array of colours which I love.

Penny Goldstone

Penny Goldstone is the Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, covering everything from catwalk trends to royal fashion and the latest high street and Instagram must-haves.

Penny grew up in France and studied languages and law at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris before moving to the UK for her MA in multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University. She moved to the UK permanently and has never looked back (though she does go back regularly to stock up on cheese and wine).

Although she's always loved fashion - she used to create scrapbooks of her favourite trends and looks, including Sienna Miller and Kate Moss' boho phase - her first job was at, sourcing the best deals for everything from restaurants to designer sales.

However she quit after two years to follow her true passion, fashion journalism, and after many years of internships and freelance stints at magazines including Red, Cosmopolitan, Stylist and Good Housekeeping, landed her dream job as the Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire UK.

Her favourite part of the job is discovering new brands and meeting designers, and travelling the world to attend events and fashion shows. Seeing her first Chanel runway IRL at Paris Fashion Week was a true pinch-me moment.