Sarah Jessica Parker Flawless Diamonds Collection

SJP’s new diamond jewellery collab is seriously dreamy

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    When legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh shoots a brand’s lookbook, you know you need to take it seriously. Meet Kat Florence, the London-based schoolteacher-turned-fine-jewellery-designer who deals in only in the most flawless diamonds.

    For her latest collection, Kat has teamed up with actress-slash-fashion-designer Sarah Jessica Parker (who has her own line of SJP Little Black Dresses, shoes and handbags). While Carrie Bradshaw famously asked Big for a huge closet instead of a diamond when he proposed in SATC (in one of the best Sex & The City quotes of all time), SJP was delighted to work with the brilliant designer: ‘You feel lucky and privileged to be wearing her jewellery,’ the actress praised.

    By Peter Lindbergh

    Each of the diamonds in their ‘Flawless Diamonds Collection’ are exceptionally rare and of the highest D grade; in layman’s terms that means they are the purest white, completely clear and free from any imperfections. To put that into context, just one in a million diamonds reaches D grade so these pieces are pretty exceptional, to say the least.

    Kat is very passionate about her designs and understands the emotional bond we can have with our precious jewels. ‘Kat allows for an intimate way to wear jewellery,’ explains SJP, who also models in the campaign. ‘[She] can tell you about every piece, what it means to her and why she chose a particular technique. The Flawless Diamonds Collection feels special when you wear it because every piece is so important to her.’

    Sarah Jessica Parker Flawless Diamonds Collection

    Sarah jessica Parker with Peter lindbergh

    Grouped into 10 ‘chapters’, the collection comprises 100 individual designs. Naturally, diamonds like these don’t come cheap and prices start from £1,300. The first four chapters have now launched – including Chapter 1 Pavé Hews (in which Kat puts a modern spin on traditional techniques), Chapter 2 Heritage (inspired by Kat’s travels around the world), Chapter 3 Opulence (a collection of bold statement jewels) and Chapter 4 Symmetry (classic 1920s and 30s designs reinterpreted as contemporary designs) – and are available to buy at Kat’s Mayfair boutique and on

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