saint laurent roller stiletto

Meet the Saint Laurent roller skate stilettos you didn’t know you needed

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  • Of course you want them

    There are some things in life, like the Saint Laurent disco boots and the Louboutin unicorn shoes, that we didn’t know we needed until we clapped eyes on them.

    One such thing is the Saint Laurent roller skate stiletto which is just so decadent that we absolutely need them.

    The concept? Literally a stiletto attached to rollers. It comes in two retro designs, one embellished with a Roy Lichtenstein-esque pin-up smoking a cigarette on a background of metallic lightening bolts, the other a snake print and feather design.

    The Anja 100 Patch Pop Pump Roller stilettos are part of Saint Laurent’s autumn/winter collection and will set you back a cool £1,995, and you can only buy them in store.

    They remind us of those retro American diners where waitresses would take orders in roller skates, and we’re tempted to channel Frenchie from Grease, though we imagine we’d look more like Monica when she briefly works at that diner in Friends.

    Of course, some might say they’re as tad impractical, and could potentially lead to a visit to A&E, but on the flip side, once you get the hang of them, surely they’re an effective way to zip round the office in-between meetings, non?

    Certainly more glam than a scooter in any case.

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