Posh dress collection unveiled

First look: Victoria Beckham's new fashion line

Marie Claire News: Victoria Beckham
Marie Claire News: Victoria Beckham

First look: Victoria Beckham's new fashion line

Victoria Beckham has finally unveiled her new dress collection, and the first reviews are in.

Previewed in the US to WWD, the 10 dresses incorporate many elements of Mrs Beckham's own distinct style, which she described as a key inspiration.

'Dresses are very signature for me, as I have always dressed in a very feminine and ladylike manner,' she told the fashion newspaper, 'this collection may be new, but it’s been a lifetime in the making for me.'

The high-end, high-price collection follows a formal style, with tailored cuts and delicate embellishment, such as beading and embroidery, and hand-stitched sequins.

Posh also added that she was determined that the range would look great on women of any size, which led to incorporating corsetry into many of the styles.

'All corsetry is made for comfort and support with the finest materials,' she explained, 'there are finer grosgrain belts that are incorporated into the line of the softer constructed dresses to give this effect in a more subtle way, thus enabling women of all sizes to wear my dresses to create a magnificent silhouette.'

The dress collection is Posh's third foray into fashion, following the dVb denim collection, and a line of sunglasses.

Beckham is in New York to debut her collection through appointments with press and buyers. She is also expected to grace the catwalk front rows, with her first outing likely to be Marc Jacob's mainline show on Monday.


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