The new Pandora x Disney charms are here and it's good news for Mulan fans

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There have been some pretty epic collaborations from Pandora recently - from the Pandora x Harry Potter collection (which would please any Potterhead), to the Pandora Little Mermaid charms that are sea-riously cute.

And now the iconic jewellery brand is releasing a new line of Disney delights, and if you're a big Mulan fan you'll be pleased to know there are some extra special pieces in there.

To celebrate the live action remake of the Disney classic, Pandora is releasing two lovely little charms and you're going to want them both.

First up, there's a silver Mulan Dangle Charm featuring the fierce heroine with her Dao saber, along with a quote coin which reads, 'Be strong and be yourself'.

The product description on the website reads: 'Half princess, half warrior, this sterling silver charm shows Disney Mulan's two distinctive sides - the way that society sees her and the way she sees herself.

'The double dangle design serves as a reminder to always believe in yourself and follow your own path, regardless of what everyone else says.'

disney pandora mulan

Credit: Pandora

There's also a sweet silver and red charm for any Mushu fans out there who want their own dragon sidekick, and the description reads: 'Hand-finished in sterling silver, the Mushu charm features the dragon in 3D wrapped around a deep red, glossy and transparent enamel.'

The Mulan piece is £60, while the dragon bead is £45.

Pandora says: 'Mulan is a symbol of strength and honour and the Pandora charm is a reflection of that.'

Pandora has also created a Disney Favourites range, which includes a Disney Pluto Charm (£45), a Finding Nemo Dangle Charm (£55) and a 101 Dalmatians charm (£45), as well as a Mickey Silhouette Ring (£40) and a bejewelled Minnie Mouse Ears Silhouette Puzzle Ring (£55).

Think it might be time for a bit of online jewellery shopping...

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