This is the one fashion item Lottie Moss would take with her on a desert island

Given her fashion credentials, it was only a matter of time before Lottie Moss started designing clothes, so I wasn't massively surprised when she first collaborated with PacSun. Fast forward a little and she is now on her sixth collection (which you can shop at Selfridges here), which might be my fave yet thanks to its perfect London-meets-La vibe.

Here she explains the inspiration behind her designs for the brand, as well as the one item she'd take with her were she stranded on a desert island.

What was your inspiration behind the new Lottie Moss x PacSun collection?

I wanted to create something that is girlie and cute but also works for all body shapes. I wanted a collection that caters for straight, curves, tall, short – for every girl! As a small model myself, I’ve always wanted to design something that embodies this message.

Do you have any funny stories from shoots with PacSun?

One of my favourite memories was shooting the latest Lottie Moss x PacSun collection in LA. We were shooting with a beautiful Rolls Royce where myself and another model were asked to stand on top of the car and we could feel it sinking! We thought we might be denting the car with our chunky heels and nervously laughing throughout, praying we hadn’t damaged it! It was great fun though.

Where are you shopping at the moment?

Selfridges! It has everything I want (and need) under one roof so it’s a super easy shopping experience. I love that you can shop designer alongside high-street brands. To have the opportunity to launch my sixth PacSun collection into one of my favourite stores in London feels amazing!

How does it feel bringing your latest PacSun collection to your hometown of London?

Amazing! This city is a massive part of my personality and has made me the person I am today. Up until now, when I’ve told friends and family about my collections with PacSun, they’ve had to order it from the US. Now that it has launched into Selfridges, I can take friends into the store and show them my collection! I’m very excited!

Favourite fashion buy ever?

I have a pair of chunky Saint Laurent boots that will never go out of fashion. They were a real investment piece for me and something I will pass down to my children.

Worst fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

There has been a few! Maybe when I went brunette, brunette wasn’t a good look for me but I suppose that isn’t a fashion mistake, more a beauty one! I also remember a pair shoes that I wore a year or so ago and they looked like hospital shoes! They were white, with a chunky strap and you could see just a tiny amount of your toe - they were terrible!

Your fashion desert island must have?

Probably a slip dress, that’s all you need! There are some really great ones in my new PacSun collection and to be honest, you don’t need anything else, not even shoes! Who needs shoes on the beach?!

Penny Goldstone

Penny Goldstone is the Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, covering everything from catwalk trends to royal fashion and the latest high street and Instagram must-haves.

Penny grew up in France and studied languages and law at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris before moving to the UK for her MA in multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University. She moved to the UK permanently and has never looked back (though she does go back regularly to stock up on cheese and wine).

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