Naomi Campbell Gave Gigi Hadid The Most Interesting Runway And Life Lessons

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  • ‘Bitch better have my money after I walked for her.’

    Oh to have Naomi Campbell, the world’s sassiest supermodel, as your life mentor. Gigi Hadid has revealed exactly what lessons Naomi has taught her, and it turns out she’s the ultimate confidence coach.

    When Gigi was worried about her ‘funny walk’ ahead of autumn’s Victoria’s Secret show, Naomi offered her a crash catwalk training course with a twist.

    ‘I was with Naomi a couple of weeks before the [Victoria’s Secret] show,’ Gigi tells LOVE magazine. ‘She said, ‘Don’t apologise, don’t do it. You are perfect the way you are. Everyone said my walk was weird too.’’

    ‘I go to her hotel and we end up practicing walking in the hallway of the hotel. Italian families are coming out to watch and she’s like, ‘Don’t look at them, keep walking, they’re your audience.’ The elevator would open and the waiter would come out–’Don’t look at him, he’s your audience, do a spin and keep going.’ It was terrifying, walking in front of this Italian grandmother and her kid.’

    ‘After getting a lot of different opinions about my past Fashion Week, I went into the VS show thinking, Yeah. Maybe I am different, but I have heard Naomi saying, ‘Bitch better have my money after I walked for her.’ So it’s going to be fine. If people don’t like how I walk then they don’t have to watch.’

    Sorry, woah, rewind to that last bit. Naomi Campbell quotes Rihanna’s BBHMM lyric as her catwalk business closer? Now that’s a lesson worth taking away from this masterclass in fierceness.

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