This is the colour you should be wearing according to Pinterest

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  • Even the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing it

    With everyone from Rosie Fortescue to Emily Ratajkowski wearing white dresses, you’d think that was the most popular colour of the summer right? Especially with this wonderful (or awful depending on which way you’re looking at it) heatwave we’re having.

    Well it turns out it’s not. Nor is it red, proven to be the colour you need to wear #win at life.

    Instead, the colour everyone is wearing right, according to Pinterest at least, is none other than millennial pink.

    According to Pinterest, search for the colour has gone up a huge 30% since the beginning of the year, cementing its status as THE colour of the season.

    If you drill it down a bit, the results are even more impressive. Pink dresses have seen a 60% increase in saved pins, pink skirts a 70% increase, pink coats are up by 25% and pink trainers are also up by 55%.

    But it’s not just clothes either, beauty trends are getting a look-in too, with people pinning ideas for pink hair, pink lips and even pink nails. Because why wouldn’t you?

    The real surprise though is bathrooms. Pink bathrooms have seen an increase in 140% in saved pins – which we should’ve seen coming with people’s love of Instagrammable toilets. But still.

    We really can’t see pink going anywhere any time soon. It turns out people really are seeing ‘la vie en rose’.

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