French icon Lou Doillon talks us through her dreamy new collection with & Other Stories

We’ll take one of everything please...

Lou Doillon And Other Stories
(Image credit: And Other Stories)

We’ll take one of everything please...

Most of our winter staples have come from & Other Stories this year, and after seeing the Paris Atelier’s brand new collection it’s safe to say we’re about to spend all of our rent money on more - but naturally for a very worthy cause - our winter wardrobes.

Lou Doillon is the epitome of the classic French style, and as the daughter of Jane Birkin, fashion is literally part of her DNA. It’s unsurprising therefore that she was & Other Stories’ first choice to collaborate with this winter, creating a collection of reinvented classics - and the results are pretty perfect.

Lou Doillon And Other Stories

(Image credit: And Other Stories)

From black velvet dresses and sheer blouses to on-trend heels and a pair of leather trousers that we’re sure will top many-a Christmas list this year, the collection has something for everyone and with prices starting at the £59 mark, they’re not too much of a blow to your bank balance.

‘I wanted to create a collection that captures the iconic sense of style associated with French women,’ explained Georgine Le Toqueux, designer at & Other Stories. ‘For me, Lou Doillon is the ultimate French muse. All the pieces in this collection, from the rich velvet suit to the feminine dress, are designed with her in mind. Influenced by the past but reinvented for the modern woman, this collection has a touch of elegance merged with rock’n’roll, and Lou helps to tell that story beautifully with her style and attitude.’

‘I’ve always adored fashion, as I find it to be THE universal language,’ Lou Doillon explained, going on to choose her top favourite pieces from the collection. ‘I’m really into the velvet suit with the white shirt,’ she explained. ‘I have always been influenced by men’s style in the 70’s.’

We sat down with Lou to find out a bit more...

In what way does the city Paris inspires you as an artist?

'Paris has a huge influence on me as an artist. It’s a city that can be travelled through on foot, big enough to lose yourself, small enough to find your way back. It’s a historic city, I can travel through time just by following its architecture, just as fashion, a city also has codes... It’s a city that attracts many various types of people, and thus has an energy that mutates depending on the seasons and its wonderers. It is a very visual town, the city and its people are, in a way, on parade... and cafés are a place where you go to enjoy the show.'

What are your fail-safe wardrobe pieces for trips regardless of the occasion?

'A pair of boots - I like to walk, and freedom comes from not being contrived, or stopped by your tools. A pair of jeans too, and something funny - I love to make people smile when they see me, and crazy hats, coats that are too big and insane colours tend to create that. I am also always finding stuff as I go along, so I leave an empty space in my suitcase, for the surprises that I will find. And a pair of PJ’s - you never know where you’ll end up sleeping!'

Lou Doillon And Other Stories

& Other Stories
(Image credit: And Other Stories)

What is your signature sound and look for your music and art?

'I wouldn’t know how to describe it! I would say that an artist see’s thing, in a point of view that is more or less personal, and then tries to translate it in words, lines, sounds and frequencies. I am clearly obsessed by a number of things, that I need to address; one of them being recurrence and what is seen as ordinary and thus often forgotten, (as opposed to the exceptional). I write, draw and sing about these “little dances” that take place every minute, every day around me.'

Who are your muses?

'People who do what they do for themselves, whether you see it or not, like it or not: Fiona Apple, Beth Gibbons, Patti Smith, Nina Simone, Sophie Cale, Louise Bourgeois, Emily Dickinson, Eartha Kitt, Bjork, Karen Dalton, Beth Ditto, Billy Holliday, Cat Power... And the list could go on!'

The & Other Stories collection was created for the festive season - what are your new year’s resolutions?

'I don't have any - I make great plans and resolutions every single night, and have a hard time following through. The only day I have none is one - the 1st of January... A rule!'

Lou Doillon's collaboration with & Other Stories will be available from next week and we cannot wait. Be right back - we're off to add this entire collection to our Christmas wish lists.

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