Kimbra on her Wrangler collaboration, her third album and her favourite New York hang outs

We caught up with the 'Sweet Relief' singer

Kimbra Wrangler

We caught up with the 'Sweet Relief' singer

New Zealand recording artist Kimbra is already taking the music world by storm, but she's also dabbling in the fashion world by teaming up with Wrangler. We caught up with her on her latest fashion collaboration, finding the best jeans, her top style tips and where she loves to shop.

Tell me more about the Wrangler Body Bespoke campaign and its message?

It's about celebrating women for all the things that make them beautiful and empowered. It's about what they do in their jeans and how they set examples for each other by who they are inside as well as feeling confident with how they look.

Tell me about the women you interviewed for the campaign?

They represent all kinds of fields from sports, choreography to journalism and more. They are women who are faced with questions of identity everyday and how they will let the world define them. I found their interviews very inspiring and also their courage to speak honestly and truthfully about these issues.

Aside from the Wrangler campaign, what are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on my third album. I'm very excited about this new body of work which I'll release next year.

Kimbra Wrangler

Wrangler Body Bespoke Collection

How would you describe your personal style?

I enjoy clothes that help me to express my personality. Day-to-day I like to feel comfortable and wear clothes that are practical to my lifestyle but also give me a chance to assign a unique identity to what I wear with different patterns and cuts.

What’s your number one confidence dressing tip?

Get the perfect lipstick to match your outfit.


Kimbra in her studio

Tell us about your new single Sweet Relief and the inspirations behind it?

It's a song about catharsis and the desire for human intimacy. I love how music can express the tension of that in really nuanced ways. I wrote it in London during a season of experimentation so it marks a really musically liberating time for me.

You’re now living in New York. What are your favourite hang outs?

Tompkins Square Park. Washington Square Park. Riding a bike across the Williamsburg bridge. Takahachi for sushi.

Where are your favourite places to shop in NYC?

Rue St Denis in East Village and the multitude of treasure chests for vintage in Brooklyn!

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