Five ways to ace the H&M x Erdem sale

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  • And avoid a melt-down

    Words by Hollie-Marie Todd

    With only a few more days until the release of the heavily anticipated Erdem X H&M collaboration, we thought we’d give out a few pointers on what to expect and how to shop savvy ahead of the pandemonium that will ensue this Thursday.

    When to start queuing

    The collection launches at Thursday 2nd November at 9am. As anyone who has been to an H&M designer release in the past knows, queuing really does pay off, if you’re willing to get up early enough. Some people have been known to camp overnight though it’s a little extreme, but in any case, a thermos is a must.

    If the comfort of your bed is too appealing, then of course there’s the online option. You’ll have to be patient and have your wits about you as the site has crashed within a few minutes in the past, so you’ll need to keep refreshing the page.

    Where to shop

    You will be able to bag yourself an item at any of these following stores: Oxford Circus, Oxford Street East, High Street Kensington, Manchester Market Street, Regent Street, Westfield White City, Glasgow, Westfield Stratford and College Green, Dublin.

    What to buy

    Before going into the war zone blindfolded, make sure you’ve researched what pieces yo’d like and make a list of your favourites (see the full collection here), as it will be easier to snap them up when you know what you’re looking for. Historically at H&M designer collaborations, customers are given wristbands with only 10 minutes to shop so knowing what you are looking out for will save time.

    Returning items

    If you buy in-store, the return policy is only 3 days, whereas online is the usual 28-day policy. Try to go back in store 2-3 days later as many panicked shoppers grab as much as their little cards can take without trying on. So you may get your second chance through the rejections even if it may have a missing button or slight tear.

    What to do if you miss out

    If despited all our tips you do miss out, make sure to search through eBay or Depop even as soon Thursday evening as many will be buying just to then resell. Be warned though, as sellers often put up items for double the price or more.

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