Want To Be Marie Claire's New Features Assistant?

In today's quite exciting news, we're looking for a Features Assistant to join us over at Marie Claire - working both in print, and online.

Features Intern

In today's quite exciting news, we're looking for a Features Assistant to join us over at Marie Claire - working both in print, and online.

[The above may or may not be an entirely inaccurate representation of what the job will involve. We tend to use dictaphones, for one thing. And our hair is never quite this shiny.]

We're looking for an amazing new Features Assistant to join us at Marie Claire for an 11-month contract, starting ASAP.

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? Well, a typical day might start off with pitching news stories for the website (before writing them up, sourcing imagery and promoting them on social media). Then there's usually some researching that needs to be done for the magazine and/or some case studies who need to be chased, along with experts who need to be interviewed, and various launches / events that might require attending on behalf of the team. Plus there's always a bit of day-to-day admin to keep the desk running smoothly.

Basically, there's a lot of multi-tasking involved, but we're quite nice, and you definitely won't just be making tea. (And on Fridays we play Craig David.)

WHAT DO WE WANT? Somebody who really loves magazines, and can turn their hand to researching women's rights around the world one minute, and Nicki Minaj the next.

It's an entry-level role, but we do need applicants to have had some experience of working within a magazine or newspaper office (although interning is totally fine), and it gets very busy - so if you find yourself feeling stressed out by deadlines, this might not be one for you.

Aside from that, there are no firm requirements (we don't mind if you didn't study journalism, for example) - you just need to have tonnes of original, exciting ideas for the features section of the magazine (that means everything newsy, global, or health / sex / relationships related). If you read the magazine already, then you're at a significant advantage. (If you don't, then we recommend picking up a copy immediately, and pretending.)

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Not too much (told you, we're quite nice), but along with your cover letter and CV, we would like you to send us three features ideas for the next issue of the magazine, along with three current features ideas for the website too.

Each idea should cover with a head, sell and brief synopsis (no more than two lines long, please).

Send applications to marieclaireapplications@gmail.com by 1st March, and tweet us @marieclaireuk or @corinneredfern if you have any questions!

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