AllSaints launch first ever global campaign

A short film showcasing the next wave of up-and-coming talent is AllSaints' first ever global campaign

(Image credit: AllSaints)

A short film showcasing the next wave of up-and-coming talent is AllSaints' first ever global campaign

AllSaints has released an ultra-cool short film showcasing the next wave of up-and-coming talent for its first ever global campaign. We caught up with the creative director, Wil Beedle, and one of the stars of the film, Tomo Campbell, a fine art painter, to find out all about it.

Coinciding with the release of the AW/12 collection, in the short campaign, the eclectic group which spans the worlds of art, dance, music, film and literature are filmed showcasing their talents. Alongside fine art painter Tomo Campbell, the campaign stars ballerina Vita Kan, violinist Marques Toliver, poet Greta Bellamacina, film-maker Laura Gosh and singer Sophie Dickens.

As creative director of the brand, Wil Beedle explains the inspiration for the campaign was to fuse together AllSaints creativity with the vision of the campaign's stars: 'We want to celebrate this moment where the brand's new wave of creative energy intersects with the cultural climate of the city as a global epicenter of metropolitan cool - and with those independent, spirited London-based innovators who, like AllSaints, are pulsing with unapologetic expressive inspiration.'

Filmed around the streets of London, the campaign oozes that effortless cool that only AllSaints can do so well. Wearing the fashion brand's latest collection, which is in stores now, the individuals are shown making their way to a warehouse were we are shown glimpses of them at a decadent looking banquet.

However, the experience doesn't end there. Highlighting how innovative AllSaints is, the viewer is invited to immerse themselves in a full digital experience by logging onto the website where they can find out more about each cast member and shop their looks.

By letting you hover and zoom over each item the digital experience also highlights the attention to detail that AllSaints has invested in each piece such as exclusive metal crest buttons on the beau jacket and the quartet gloss top made from specially sourced Japanese fabric.

Newly appointed Beedle has also upped the direction of the brand's identity with a return to their iconic silhouettes and innovative fabrics. It's sleeker, bolder and cooler than ever - think angora jumpers teamed with a leather pencil skirts and a slouchy blazer layered over a silk vest. Perfect for channeling that off-duty model chic look.

Beedle explains: 'Our definitive reference point still very much exists. AllSaints fans will be delighted as the signature innovative fabrications, definitive silhouettes and iconic leathers are still there, just upgraded and developed with better fit, quality and finish and with new interesting shapes and more attractive.'

Using real people in the campaign also gives it a refreshing authenticity. You can tell that the models are reflecting their true style as cast member Campbell explains: 'I have always really liked the proportions of AllSaints styling and the quality of the fabrics. Big coat/ jumper, skinny lower half. That’s my uniform. I really liked the outfit I wore for the campaign and I had to go back in store and pick up the Hampstead camel coat!'

Check out the video below and find out more about the characters online at


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