This is why celebs are getting t-shirts delivered in pizza boxes

It's all for a good cause

If you follow some of your favourite celebrities on Instagram – say Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj to name a few – then you’ll have noticed they’ve been getting interesting deliveries, in the form of pizza boxes.

But don’t be fooled, they didn’t get a pepperoni delight (although that would be the second best thing), but instead, inside was a DKNY t-shirt entirely personalised with their personality traits.

Kim’s for example was 22% no f***s, 34% North & Saint & Chi, 17% that butt tho, 17% boss and 10% *ugly cry*, while Nicki’s was part queens, pink, bars and also no f***s.

Intrigued? It’s all part of this season’s 100% DKNY campaign, which celebrates diversity, inclusivity and all the little things that make you, you…

500 bespoke fully customisable tees were delivered to celebrities and influencers, which were hand delivered in black DKNY pizza boxes, including Ireland Baldwin, Shanina Shaik, Martha Hunt, Cindy Crawford, Alicia Keys and Emily Ratajkowski.

Want to get involved too? You can get your own customised tee on the online DKNY pop-up store, which is open until 21st December.

Then simply share a snap of it on your Instagram, tagging @DKNY and #IAMDKNY, and your design will be shared too.

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