Behati Prinsloo talks personal style, fashion pin-ups and her design debut

Behati Prinsloo introduces her Juicy Couture collection

Behati Prinsloo juicy
Behati Prinsloo juicy

Behati Prinsloo introduces her Juicy Couture collection

Behati Prinsloo, the supermodel, Angel and mum-to-be can now add another trade to her impressive CV - designer. Here she tells us about her debut collaboration with Juicy Couture, a capsule collection of sporty essentials and stylish loungewear to work into our off-duty wardrobes…

What was on your mood board? ‘The mood board was filled with a lot of images from the 1970s—specifically the beach and surf culture of Venice Beach. It was Farrah Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels, Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company, a really crazy roller skating movie called Roller Boogie with Linda Blair (the little girl from The Exorcist). All of those had a carefree vibe, and a very effortless style.’

Did you enjoy being a designer for a change? ‘I did! I loved having a voice in the design process, and collaborating with the team. It was a very fun collaborative process with the Juicy Couture design team, and we all knew that the short-shorts, baby tees, the denim duster, the slides—pretty much everything—had to be in there.’

Were you nervous at all to see how your friends in fashion would react to your first project as a designer? ‘I was only a little nervous because I really loved the process and how the collection went from sketches, to samples to being on figure, and you never know what the reaction would be. But then once I shared the look book with people, they sent me such sweet notes of support. The support has been great. ’

Is Juicy Couture a label that you’ve had in your own wardrobe forever? ‘Most definitely. It caught my eye in high school and I’ve loved it ever since. ’

What piece of clothing in your wardrobe holds the most sentimental value for you? ‘My classic Chanel flap handbag. It was the first ‘adult’ designer piece I bought myself. I’ve never kept anything from a shoot or show, but I have been gifted pieces and they all have special memories for me. ’ What’s your wardrobe like at home? ‘My closet is pretty organised, I’m proud to say. It’s set up by type of clothes and then by color. And then of course there’s the rotating from spring/summer to fall/winter. ’

How do you get ready for a red carpet event? What’s your routine? ‘My favourite way of getting ready for a red carpet event is to turn the hair and makeup time into a bit of a pre-party. I use the same artists all of the time so we know each other so well---so it’s a hanging with friends session. Music, lots of laughing, and food—because you must eat before the event.’

What’s the first thing you do to get ready in the morning? ‘I like to start the day with yoga. It’s the best way of moving into the day. I spend more time in Los Angeles over the winter, so it’s much easier to be inspired to work out.’

Who’s your style pin up? ‘My ultimate style pin up is a tough question because my own style is influenced by so many sources. From Bianca Jagger to Kate Moss to Julie Christie. I love how they are always themselves and it never looks too ‘done’.’