Everything you need to know about Adele’s AMAZING Glastonbury performance

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  • It was emotional, as per

    It goes without saying that the Great British public just loves Adele. Taking to the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury last night, she completely wowed the audience as per. Here’s everything you need to know about last night’s performance.

    It was an eventful set to say the least – an unwell fan had to be evacuated, we heard all about Adele’s ‘dirty burger’, and, according to the The Guardian, at least one couple got engaged.

    Adele opened with one of her recent hits, Hello, changing one of the lines to, ‘I’ve been Glastonbury dreaming’ (which naturally made the crowd go wild). ‘You look amazing!’ she yelled, unable to contain her excitement.

    A few fans were allowed to come up on stage with the star at various points in the night, probably the cutest being 10-year-old Lyla, who was lucky enough to get a selfie with Adele (we’re not jealous at all…).

    Hometown Glory and her infamous cover of Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love also featured, during which she asked the crowd to put their phone flashes on for her. Adele wasn’t afraid to let her emotions show and shed a few tears, which we can’t blame her for, as we shed some too.

    It was the first time she performed her song River Lea, and whilst she may have forgotten her words to start with, in true Adele style, she just laughed it off.

    The star was warned by the BBC about her ‘potty mouth’ before she went on stage… but managed to swear a whopping 33 times anyway. You’ve gotta love her.

    The performance ended with Someone Like You, the song Adele described as the one she wants to be remembered for. Unsurprisingly, the entire crowd sang along as she got down and grabbed onto the hands of her adoring fans. Not a dry eye in the, err, field.

    There had been some criticism from puritanical Glasto fans, who argued that Adele wasn’t right for the festival and was ‘too boring’. Adele was quick to shut them up, of course: ‘To be honest I’ve probably been more times than them anyway, so shut up.’

    It was so different from her first Glastonbury performance back in 2007 – she’d clearly managed to get that stage fright a bit more under control in the last nine years. ‘I didn’t want to come on and now I don’t want to go off!’ she said tearfully at the end, ‘This is, by far, the best moment of my life so far.’

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