Zanna Roberts interview

Get the inside scoop on American Marie Claire's hot new fly-on-the-wall show, Running In Heels

Zanna Roberts
Zanna Roberts

Get the inside scoop on American Marie Claire's hot new fly-on-the-wall show, Running In Heels

Senior Fashion Editor and fellow Brit girl, Zanna Roberts, gives us the inside track on hot new US reality TV show, Running In Heels, which follows the highs and lows of the glamorous life working at US Marie Claire magazine.

How did it feel to have your life invaded by the cameras for four months?

At first everyone thought, ‘Lordy this is for real’ and we were being very safe minding our p’s and q’s, and feeling acutely aware we were being followed around. After a week we were f-ing and blinding and forgot about the cameras.

Were there any excruciating moments?

There was one when I was going to do a shoot in Mexico the next day and I’d had three hours sleep and the camera crew were asking me all these questions and I became really emotional, blurting out ‘I’ve had three hours sleep, I’ve got a shoot tomorrow, I can’t do this, it’s too much!’

Can we expect a fly-on-the-wall fashion documentary or is it heightened reality like The Hills?

I think it’s very true actually. It shows the ups, the downs. It’s obviously edited because it would be very boring if it wasn’t but it’s a true reflection. We didn’t have any lines – but I wish at some points we had!

How close is it to The Devil Wears Prada?

Joanna Coles [editor-in-chief] is very down to earth, she’s firm but fair, but she’s definitely not a Meryl Streep character. On the other hand, our interns are very Anne Hathaway. They have to work like dogs and I think some of them think it’s going to be a little paid holiday.

Did you feel pressurised to up the style stakes?

The first week we were wanted our hair and make-up done and were always in heels, but by week two, things were getting a bit shabbier and by week three my hair was tied up, I had no make-up on and the glamour factor definitely went downhill.

You’ve worked on both UK and US versions of Marie Claire, how do things compare?

Everything’s bigger in New York, it’s like the city is on steroids. The work force is bigger, the stress levels are higher and in a fashion sense, you’ve got to push it up a gear. I’ve also learnt that British self-deprecation doesn’t get you far – the bumbling Hugh Grant thing doesn’t work Stateside, so I’m learning to not hide your light under a bushel, no one appreciates it.

Why do you think you were chosen to appear on the show?

I didn’t actually know I had been until two weeks before we started filming! I think it’s because I’m the only in-house stylist. I do the covers and the fashion shoots and that’s what people are very much intrigued by.

And finally, how’s the show been received in America?

Really well. We haven’t had any stalkers yet but a few people have come up to us and said: ‘You’re that girl from that show’.

Running In Heels airs on The Style Network on Monday 7 April at 10pm