Wayne Rooney cheated on Coleen when she was pregnant

The footballer cheated on his wife with a prostitute when she was pregnant with their son

Wayne and Coleen Rooney - cheating scandal
Wayne and Coleen Rooney - cheating scandal
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The footballer cheated on his wife with a prostitute when she was pregnant with their son

The marriage of Wayne and Coleen Rooney hit the rocks this weekend, after it emerged that the footballer had cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with their son, Kai.

The Sunday Mirror broke the news that Wayne had paid a prostitute - 21-year-old Jennifer Thompson – for sex on multiple occasions, while Coleen was expecting their son. 

Speaking to the paper, Thompson claims that Rooney paid her £1,200 each time, after meeting him in a casino in June 2009. Following their first meeting, she claims Rooney would chase her with 'sex texts' and' didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.'

The cheating footballer would meet Thompson at hotels, and even invited her to his house when Coleen was away – but she refused. 

Now 24-year-old Coleen has reportedly left the marital home to stay with her parents, as she contemplates the future of her marriage.

The Daily Mail claims today that the footballer broke the news to his wife via a text message, as she sat in the hairdressers: ‘Coleen had been getting her hair done on Saturday when Wayne texted her to break the news. He’s a coward for hiding behind a text message, especially when they’d been together earlier that day.’

The latest in a string of England footballer sex scandals this year – including Ashley Cole, John Terry and Peter Crouch – this is not the first time that Rooney has been accused of using prostitutes.

In 2004, it emerged that he had visited a 48-year-old prositite by the name of Patricia Tierney – at the time he was just 18. 

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