Should Coleen walk away from her marriage?

Footballer Wayne Rooney, 24, allegedly cheated on his wife with prostitute Jenny Thompson, while she was pregnant with their son Kai...

Since news of footballer Wayne Rooney alleged involvement in a £1200-a-night vice girl scandal, claims have been made that he allegedly broke the news to his wife Coleen via a text message and apparently thinks the scandal is ‘no big deal.’

Rooney, 24, was even accused of sleeping with prostitute Jenny Thompson, 21, while wife Coleen was pregnant, and having a threesome with the escort and a friend.

A family friend said: ‘Coleen has been torn apart by this. She has every right to grab their son and walk out. She was absolutely shellshocked. She thought Wayne had grown up and become a man, especially after having baby Kai.’

It is the second time Rooney has been embroiled in a prostitution sex scandal. And while Coleen forgave him six years ago, it seems that she is torn about what to do – whether to walk out on the marriage or forgive him one more time.

But what do you think Coleen’s next move should be? Are things different now they have a child together, or should she call it a day regardless?

Do you think that Coleen should have enough self-respect to dump her supposedly unfaithful husband, and that if she stays with him it will only be for his money?

Join the debate below and let us know your thoughts…


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