Meet The Victoria's Secret Model Who Just Made History...

Natural hair will ALWAYS be in

Maria Borges
Maria Borges

Natural hair will ALWAYS be in

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place on Tuesday night, and although Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid stole the show with their VS debuts, there was one model who actually made Victoria's Secret history...

Meet Maria Borges: the first model to rock her natural afro hair on the VS runway. Can we get a hell yes?

The model is already a VS vet, having walked the runway three times. But, on Tuesday night there was one noticeable difference - Maria was no longer sporting the perfectly coiffed extensions she usually wears on stage. Instead, the Angolan-born model celebrated her short hair and she was definitely excited. Tweeting before the show, she announced: 'are you ready for the 2015 @VictoriasSecret fashion show?! I'll be rocking my Afro hair this year for THE show!"

The 23-year-old first shared the news on November 6, just a few days before the show. She also Instagrammed the picture below with the caption: 'tomorrow, this Angolan-born dreamer will be walking her 3rd #VSFS in a row, whilst rocking her Afro natural hair. All I can say is THANK YOU, I don't take it for granted!'


For those who don't know, Maria used to rock shoulder-length extensions in previous shows, something which Maria was keen to ditch. The model revealed to reporters: 'I told my agent I wanted to walk in the Victoria's Secret show with my natural hair. I was nervous, but I had to do it. When they said 'yes' I didn't expect it, but I was so happy!'

And we're glad Victoria's Secret did. Maria looked stunning rocking her natural short hair. While most VS models are pretty much required to have beach ready waves, Maria joined VS hair rebel Karlie Kloss, who recently defied public expectation by cutting her signature long hair into a flirty bob.

And Maria's bold hair-move follows a wave of brands and models who have been strutting their stuff with afros, flat-tops and curly hair on the catwalk in recent years. So in celebration, we've charted the best black and natural hair moments on the catwalk if you want to check out how fashion is moving forward in that sense.

Hashtagging her monumental moment with #MBmakinghistory, it's clear Maria has big things planned for a fashion industry that relies upon the status quo. With her au natural look, we might not be seeing Maria in these extensions anytime soon...

And with the great reaction to Maria's move - she's now rocking an instagram following of 129,000 - this is not only a win for accepting diversity, but also to changing preconceived notions of beauty. And who knows? Maybe this means next years Victoria's Secret show will celebrate natural beauty even more.

A girl can dream.

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