Victoria Beckham and daughter spread positivity by FaceTiming nurses in London

Spreading positivity—from self isolation.

Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper
(Image credit: IG - victoriabeckham)

Spreading positivity—from self isolation.

Celebrities around the world are coming together to try and support those affected by coronavirus. Yesterday, personal trainer Joe Wicks announced that he would be donating all profits made from his live streamed PE lessons to the NHS and actress Angelina Jolie has donated $1 million to children in aid.

Plus, yesterday it was discovered that Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer formerly of the Spice Girls, has been FaceTiming NHS staff in an attempt to raise spirits and spread good will.

The 45-year-old mother of four called staff working at King's Hospital with her daughter Harper, eight. While which nurses she spoke too, how long for and what about is unknown, she did share a snap on IG stories.

Posting a photograph of the chat on her own Instagram social channel, Victoria wrote: 'Face Time with the nurses at King's hospital in London today x'

Victoria and Harper Facetiming nurses

(Image credit: Instagram - Victoria Beckham)

This comes just a day after the whole Beckham family shared a video of them clapping for the NHS carers who are bravely tackling the pandemic on the front lines. Taking part in Thursday's Clap For Carers initiative, they joined near millions of people across the UK in a round of applause for all the hard work during the coronavirus lockdown.

As they clapped, Victoria is heard off camera sharing: 'So us Beckhams are clapping to show our thanks to all the people working for the NHS'.

A photo posted by on

Similarly showing her support of those in need, The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has spoken out this week to encourage any victims of domestic abuse who are forced to self isolate with their abusive partner to seek aid, where they can.

A campaign that started life online, the Clap For Carers initiative was designed as, 'during these unprecedented times, [NHS staff and carers] need to know we are grateful', the organisers said.

It's nice to know celebrities are doing their bit, too.

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