Tom Hardy Has A Tom Hardy Phone Case. This Is Not A Drill, People

Love yourself like Tom Hardy loves Tom Hardy

hot-movie-men Tom Hardy
hot-movie-men Tom Hardy
(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

Love yourself like Tom Hardy loves Tom Hardy

The problem with being Tom Hardy is that he doesn’t get to see enough of himself. We’ve always felt quite sad about this. Imagine being that attractive, yet the only way you get to appreciate it on a regular basis is glancing towards reflective surfaces as you pass them - risky, as you don’t want to appear vain - or watching your films (= time consuming).

Thankfully, being the innovative thinker that he is, Tom Hardy has a solution for being able to gaze adoringly at himself whenever he wishes: He’s had a phone case made with him on it.

Yes that’s correct. Tom Hardy has a Tom Hardy phone case.

And if that wasn’t brilliant enough, the internet discovered this when he was taking a selfie with Leonardo DiCaprio and partner, Charlotte Riley.

(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

This picture is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

Of course, Twitter has responded beautifully to this revelation.

Some found the case aspirational: ‘Life goals: to be as important as Tom Hardy to have a phone case with Tom Hardy on it.’

Others saw it as motivational: ‘Tom Hardy having a phone case of himself is the self love everyone should have for themselves.’

While many thought the case deserved its own award: ‘Best actor goes to Tom Hardy’s phone case’ and ‘the real winner tonight is Tom Hardy’s phone case.’

Good and fair points, well made.

To further add to the joy of this phone shield of wonder, the eagle eyed @KimberleyDadds managed to track down the actual image that is on the phone.

We promise that this story is about to get at least 89% better.

Yes that’s Tom and his dog, Woody. The same Woody that Tom brought along to the Legend premiere, who chased a pigeon down the red carpet.

We love Woody. We love Tom. We love Tom and Woody on a phone case. Let's celebrate by looking at his Myspace pictures.

Happy Tuesday, people. HAPPY TUESDAY.

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