The awkward oscars: We award the most cringe-worthy moments of the ceremony

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  • Because what is the Oscars without a little painful embarrassment?

    Sure it’s full of glamour, congratulations and an array of beautiful cry faces, but every Oscars is also punctuated with some of the most awkward celebrity moments of the year. Which makes us grateful that they’re in February, so we get to enjoy the awkwardness early on.

    This year’s Academy Awards were no different, from terrible ‘jokes’ to ungracious winners, we dish out our own awards for the most awkward Oscar moments.

    The ‘Why Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel’ Award goes to: Leonardo DiCaprio
    He’s been waiting for his Oscar for 22 years and had six nominations, and last night Leo finally got his hand on that golden man. He used his speech to thank the Revenant team, talk about climate change, and um, subtly give the finger to all those who snubbed him in the past…?
    The ‘Is This Really Happening, Oh God It Is’ Award goes to: Stacey Dash
    Remember when Stacey Dash was Dionne in Clueless? She was so cool back in the nineties, and we definitely wanted to be her. Nowadays she’s a commentator on Fox News, who last month called to erase Black History Month and any awards that exclusively celebrate the talents and achievements of people of colour, calling it ‘ludicrous.’

    Last night Chris Rock invited her to the stage, jokingly calling her ‘the new director of our minority outreach programme’, the actress entered the stage laughing, and told a confused audience: ‘I can’t wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month.’

    Crissy Tiegan’s face said it all…

    The ‘Check Your Face’ Award goes to: Sylvester Stallone
    Oh Sly, we know everyone lies when they say they’re just happy to be nominated, but that doesn’t mean you can let your face show how gutted you are when you miss out.

    Actually, y’know what? Keep the sad face, we’re bored of poker faces.

    The ‘When You Have a Similar Name to the Winner So You Get Your Hopes Up and Style It Out Brilliantly’ Award goes to: Mark Ruffalo
    Rylance, Ruffalo, potato, potaffalo.

    The ‘Aren’t You Forgetting Someone?’ Award goes to: Alicia Vikander
    The Best Supporting Actress forgot to thank her boyfriend Michael Fassbender during her acceptance speech. Or maybe she just didn’t want to, who knows…

    The ‘Grab Your Popcorn, Here’s The Real Action Award’ goes to: Dustin Lance Black and Sam Smith
    While we love that Sam dedicated his Oscar for Best Orginal Song to the worldwide LGBT community, he really should have done his research before claiming that he was the first openly gay winner.

    Cue screenwriter Dustin Lance Black casually stepping onto Twitter to remind Sam that he won the Best Original Screenplay award for Milk in 2009, and ohm to stop texting his fiancé, Tom Daley. *Grabs popcorn*

    The ‘Check Your Face Part II’ Award goes to: A whole aisle of men
    As Jenny Bevan walked to the stage to collect her Best Costume Design trophy for Mad Max, Revenant director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu and the majority of other men along the aisle simply looked her up and down, and failed to applaud her. We have no idea why, but if it’s because the immensely talented designer opted for a more casual awards attire, than that’s really appalling and heartbreaking.

    The ‘I Have No Idea What’s Going On, I’m Just Gonna Go With It’ Award goes to: Olivia Wilde
    When Sacha Baron Cohen surprised everyone by appearing onstage as Ali G, a bemused Olivia managed to keep a straight face…

    With the odd flicker of utter confusion…

    We’d like to thank the Academy for the awkwardness.

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