Sienna Miller's mother defends her daughter

Sienna's mother defends Balthazar Getty relationship

Marie Claire celebrity news: Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty
Marie Claire celebrity news: Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty

Sienna's mother defends Balthazar Getty relationship

Sienna Miller's mother, Jo, has defended her daughter's controversial relationship with Balthazar Getty, and called for an end to the media's incessant 'Sienna bashing.'

Since she was first spotted holidaying with Getty in July, Sienna has been implicated in the breakdown of his marriage from wife Rosetta, who is the mother of the oil heir's four children.

With the couple's separation not public knowledge, the Factory Girl actress was branded a home-wrecker, and has faced intense media scrutiny.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Ms Miller, who is divorced from Sienna's father Edward, commented, 'You can't understand how a woman seeing a man who has been separated from his wife for months can cause such a scandal.'

She added, 'It is awful, I cannot tell you. You wonder when it is all going to stop.'

The constant media attention has clearly taken its toll on Sienna. This week she was photographed in tears, after being pushed to the brink by pursuing paparazzi.

Following the incident, she immediately drove to a Beverley Hills police station to lodge a formal complaint for harassment, and was granted a police escort for her journey back to the Four Seasons Hotel.


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